Core Sequence

Core Sequence
Relational. Adaptable. Systematic – Based on 3 Spiritual Life Stages
Matthew Henry wrote, “All Christians are not of the same standing and stature; there are babes in Christ, there are grown men, and old disciples.” From 1 John 2:12-14 the Apostle John references three spiritual life stages: children, young men, and fathers. Core provides a variety of discipleship materials for all three stages. These resources are organized in a suggested sequence: Beginnings/Children (A1-A9: “knowledge”); Intermediate/Students (B1-B9: “character”); and Seasoned/Adult (C1-C9: “conduct”). The purpose of these categories is to help you determine which materials are best suited for the spiritual maturity level of your Core Group.

Examples: click here for Core Launch FAQS
Example 1:
If you are a senior pastor just launching Core, we suggest you begin with 3 of your most spiritually mature men or women (click here for more information). In this instance, we would recommend beginning with the Core Leader’s Guide and the Core Workbook/Manual for your initial Core Group.

Example 2:
You are just beginning the Core discipleship process and you have 3 fairly new believers. We would suggest you begin with the Core Leader’s Guide followed by Chrysalis, 21 Days To Breakthrough, Discovering God’s Will, and so on through the chart.

Recommended Core Discipleship Sequence
The years on the left side of the Chart represent the number of years to complete the entire series (Children, Student, Adult). Note: this chart is not based on chronological age, but spiritual maturity in Christ as presented by the Apostle John (1 John 2:12-14).

Free Resources:
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