Discipleship Articles

Thoughts on discipleship, transformation, grace & life in Christ Jesus.
The following articles/studies are provided for personal growth – to encourage, edify, and equip.

• Greg Ogden: Making Disciples Jesus’ Way – A Few at a Time
• Greg Ogden: The Discipleship Deficit – Where Have All the Disciples Gone?
• Bill Hull: A Concise Look At Discipleship
• Jay Johnston: Discipleship – Stepping Stones to Developing Your Church’s Strategy
• Charlie Bing: Are Disciples Born or Made?
• Charlie Riggs: Thirty Discipleship Exercises
• Miguel Labrador: 7 God-Directed Deviations in Disciple Making
• Timothy Keller: The Call to Discipleship
• Regis Nicoll: Getting Intentional About Discipleship
• Jonathan M. Lunde: A Summons to Convenantal Discipleship
• J. Oswald Sanders: Spiritual Discipleship
• Thomas A. Tarrants: Transforming Impact of True Discipleship
• Lyle Dorsett: Dwight L. Moody – Evangelist and Master Disciple Maker
• Bill Kynes: Discipleship or Grace: Must It Be One or the Other?
• Bill Kynes: Becoming a Disciple of Jesus: He Demands Our All
• Jim Hiskey: Discipleship Any Follower of Christ Can Do – The Legacy of Roy Cook
• John Stott: The Call to Follow Christ
• Chris Mitchell: C.S. Lewis on Authentic Discipleship
• Omega Discipleship Ministries: Church Disciple-making Questionnaire
• Michael Wilkinson: Discipleship for Changing Times and Ministries

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