Discipleship By Design: Book 1

Learn what it means to live an empowered life

Discipleship By Design Workbook 1 – Immediate Download
Learn what it means to live an empowered life
The Bible tells us to be filled with the Holy Spirit. This introductory study shows us how we are to walk and presents a clear understanding between walking in the flesh and walking in the Spirit. Authentic spirituality requires power found only in the Holy Spirit. Discover how the Holy Spirit filled and empowered life is not our trying to live like Christ, but allowing His Holy Spirit to indwell us, living His life again through us by His Holy Spirit. Discipleship By Design describes the way to understand and tap into the power of the Holy Spirit, resulting in a powerful, fruitful life. Get a clear understanding of how the Holy Spirit can work in your life and can empower you to become more like Christ.

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