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Frequently Asked Questions
I don’t have Adobe Reader. Can I still get your download and use it?

Our digital downloads are available as Adobe PDF files. You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader, a free software download from Adobe that will allow you to view and print Adobe files

When opening a file that I downloaded, what should I do if I get the message, “Unable to open file”?

The documents are for use in Adobe Reader. They are not designed to work with other software.

To try to fix your problem, when downloading, do not choose Run, but choose “Save to Disk.” After the download is complete, try opening Adobe Reader. Go to File, then Open on the menu. Browse to the location of the file on your computer. Select the file and click Open.

If you are using Adobe Reader and you still get the error, the document may have been incomplete or corrupted during the downloading process.
What is your policy on copyright/reprinting?

You have permission to make as many copies of our resources within your church or educational institution – as long as they’re distributed without charge (non-commercial use only).

• Translating the material: You may translate the material into another language for use in your own local church ministry. This translation may not be sold.

• Adding your own personal illustrations: You may alter the content to suit your own needs.

• Also, please feel free to use the terms Core Discipleship, Core Groups, or C3 Discipleship – many have done so since we first launched in 2002 and we think it perfectly describes the purpose and process.

Resources cannot be resold in any form.

Thank you for your integrity in following these guidelines.

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