Here are a few testimonials about Core…

Greg Ogden, Executive Pastor of Discipleship, Christ Church of Oak Brook
Doug, I could not be more in sync with your CORE ministry. This is basically the model that I (or we) follow. I am convinced that deep life change takes place in the smaller units of triads or quads. As I am sure you are aware this is what I write about in Transforming Discipleship and an attempt to implement in Discipleship Essentials. May the Lord use your ministry to not only turn the hearts of many leaders to this basic strategy, but you also find them ready to be equipped. I find so few pastors still who have committed themselves to a practice and strategy of investment in a few with a view to long term multiplication. Yet it is heartening to see more and more places where the fire is being lit.

Bill Hull
Dear Doug, It is great to hear from you via the internet. I like what I see … you have blessed me today and may God keep you going full throttle.

Dave Dawson, Founder and Executive Director of Equipping The Saints Ministry
Doug is one of the few people I know who has a firm grasp of what constitutes true Biblical discipleship. Doug’s CORE discipleship plan is a process that produces Biblical disciples. I highly recommend it to you. It is the straw you’ve been searching for. Grab it!

Dr. Gary B. Zustiak, Director of Youth Ministries and Resources, Christ In Youth
CORE Groups are designed with growth, mutual accountability and spiritual maturity as each member’s goal. The CORE manual contains a comprehensive presentation of what is expected of those who call themselves “disciples” and a series of practical lessons to help develop strong and obedient believers. I highly recommend this resource for those who are looking for a “No-Nonsense” tool that will help them fulfill the master’s plan for discipleship.

Deborah Gill, Ph.D. Professor of Biblical Studies and Exposition, Springfield, Missouri
Thank you, SO much! I love what I see on your website. I’ll recommend this to my next class.

Barry Whatley, Outreach Canada, Quebec, Canada
Thanks for your thorough overview of the discipleship process. We at Outreach Canada (outreach.ca) are committed to helping churches to take key steps in renewing their health and effectiveness… your resources reflect a full-orbed view that resonates well with me.

Deborah McDonald, Lamb’s House of Grace, Murrieta, California
In February we are launching a Christian home for unwed mothers. We will be partnering with several women from various local churches and Christian birth choice facilities to disciple the young women! We were excited to view your Discipleship materials and have made the decision to begin using it if you approve.

Christopher Sampson, Iglesia de Dios Pasaje Limache, Salta, Argentina
I am so impressed with this method that God has given to you and your husband. I am a missionary in Argentina who specializes in Christian education for the Church of God. At the beginning of February, I was invited to give a state-wide discipleship conference in the province just south of us. I was looking online for various models, and this is the best I have ever seen. I feel like through it we can change the destiny of our church. I worked under the national director of education for the Church of God, Armando Scévola. I am submitting to him my presentation, and just over a chat online he wants to implement it in our Seminary.

Debbie Christiansen, Bridging the Gap Ministries, Cerritos, California
I was so excited to hear about your ministry and web site with all of the resources that you offer. My husband and I do a lot of discipling and we are so thankful to have access to this material. God bless you for offering them free of charge.

Dorene Sword, Living Faith Church, Wichita Falls, Texas
I am so thankful for this ministry. Thank you so much for making these resources available.

Shaun Hardie, New Life Community Church, Marion, Indiana
I’ve never seen anything like it, honestly. Its comprehensive and looks to support the discipleship process of ministry like our own.

Peter San, Vineyard Community Church, Penang, Malaysia
It a good website for all level of spiritual maturity. i personally recommend my church members who are hungry for more knowledge and want to grow in the Lord. Not many Christian ministry website that offer such for free and care enough to equip the end time saints and believers to grow in the likeness of Christ. I Pray that the Lord Will bless your ministry and the for the financial support from other Christian who can afford to bless this ministry to come forward to give a helping hand. You have the heart for God’s Kingdom and not for self gain in mind.

Jose Ausirus, Memorial Highway Baptist Church, Miami, Florida
I think your website is great. My mentor actually told me about it and how effective it was for him, so i hope it does the same for me.

John Cappelen, Quest, Lake Elsinore, California
It is amazing that you provide all this for free. I am in the process of setting up an 2 year old church with a discipleship program and want to seriously check out your program. I thank God you are so generous to make these materials available.

At last, I have found what Ive been looking for. C3 is very realistic, easy to comprehend and I think very effective, considering the kind of ministry we have. My problem has been, how to organize discipleship and what to teach. By God’s grace, we have been moving on despite our not very organized program, but I know it is high time to be organized and to grow, individually and corporately. God bless you for sharing God’s wisdom thru you for FREE! For sure, I will be writing you should I need to consult some things with you.

Bob Van Sant, Triangle Community Church, Apex, North Carolina
Thanks again for your time. I love your passion for CORE and I can relate to it. Funny how a church pastor can miss this whole concept. I guess they feel teaching is discipleship. Not in my book.

Kay Custer, St. Andrews UMC, Winter Park, Florida
Your whole vision and resources look to be the heart of the needs for this era… for such a time as this!

Edurne Menca, missiionary to the Yekwana tribe, Amazonas, Venezuela
Thank you for so many resources for personal and group study Bible. And thank you for giving them for free. They are really good quality materials that we will use is our mission field with the Yekwana Tribe in Amazonas, Venezuela.

Ryan Brewer, First Christian Church, Harlingen, Texas
I have used your material for years. They have always been very helpful and biblical accurate. God bless you for your efforts in putting them together and making them available.

John Derrick, Igreja Batista Betania, Parnaiba, Brazil
I’m a lay pastor in a small city in northeast Brazil. I strongly believe discipleship is the heart of the mission of the Church and since I started leading the local church I’m trying to focus on this subject. That’s how I found your great website. It’s unique since almost everyone is in the business for money and who’s lacking of it is generally set aside. Sorry for my English for it’s not my ordinary language, even though I can read better than speaking (or writing).

Jay Ratzlaff, Grace Covenant Fellowship, Phoenix, Arizona
We have been desiring to start discipling, but have been a bit unfocused – I think these resources are what we have been needing! Praise God for folks who are willing to help the body of Christ!

Mags Muil, St Margaret’s on the Hill, KwaZulu Natal, Zimbabwe
I am excited about the resources available as I expand my ministry from teaching and leading small groups to core discipleship. The design of your website is user friendly. May God continue to bless your ministry to empower all who access your website.

Glenn Snyder, Clayton Baptist Church, Clayton, New Jersey
I’m the pastor of a Baptist church in NJ. Another brother and I are planning to use parts of your disciple’s journal for a cell group this spring. I really appreciate the quality of the materials you are providing and the heart by which you provide them.

Christy Kollmann, New Life Fellowship, Madison, Indiana
Love it love it love it. Very solid, biblical stuff. Also very cool that it’s free, that doesn’t happen much these days. Thank you for what you’re doing!!!

Joaquin F. Correa, Iglesia Christiana Sonrise, Simi Valley, California
I am a youth pastor in a small church with little resources. John 13:35 says, “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” All I can see in your ministry, website and resources, is that you love others. May God abundantly bless you!

Simon Borde, The Bethel Ministry, Pune, India
This ministry is a blessing to me and my friends as we are not financially sound and cannot purchase study books which are costly for us with this option we can download it from the internet and make copies of this study material as this will help us to reach and train the new believers more effectively in their walk with the lord.

Joe Gregory, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
This material is a good teaching tool. We have been using your material for two (2) years. Our class is small and we are using a slow pace to get the real understanding through the aid of the Holy Spirit. We can’t thank you enough.

Todd Snouffer, Hollowell BIC, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
I just stumbled across your site this afternoon and am absolutely amazed. As the CE Board Chair at HBIC, I have been tasked with bringing intention and unity of purpose to our Christian Education programs across the board from the nursery through Adult Sunday School classes. As a lay leader, I have a lot to learn. Thank you for a wonderful resource. It is such a blessing.

Pauline Karani, Deliverance Church, Nairobi, Kenya
Your ministry is great especially for us living in the third world countries where access to some of these resources is not easy. Being able to download a book and using it to teach a class is truly a great blessings. Thank you and God bless you so much.

Jeremy Marzicola, Trinity Presbyterian Church of Seven Springs, New Port Richey, Florida
I am currently reviewing your resources, and feel compelled to share with you that God works wonders. As the CE Director for our children’s ministry, I’ve come to recognize that we cannot have a truly effective ministry unless we have empowered our congregation to be true disciples with understand and conviction of faith. I have endeavored to commission a church-wide educational ministry that reaches all ages, recognizing that we cannot develop spiritual maturity in our children if we do not possess it as adults. My search has led me to your ministry resources. As I have begun reviewing the material, I am becoming increasingly convinced that God has worked through you to provide me with answers and solutions to the challenges facing my congregation’s educational ministries. I look forward to the process of discerning God’s will in using the resources you have provided to strengthen our congregation’s spiritual maturity and become more effective disciples in the body of Christ.

Andrew Lord, Johnsonville, New Zealand
Certainly appreciate free resources – especially living this far away from the USA since postage costs are often more than the purchase price.

Brian Ellyson, Seattle Teen Challenge, Renton, Washington
I just discovered you and will be using these materials to disciple men recovering from drug addiction. May God bless you on your mission.

Wlliam Gijsendorffer, Share & Care International Ministries, Luanshya, Zambia
Your materials are a tremendous blessing for the people in Zambia! Many Zambian people don’t have access to internet. Through our ministry we distribute your materials for free.

Goera M. Sangma, Kingdom Gospel Ministries, Tura, India
I have came across your ministry quite a long back and it’s been a great blessing for our ministry growth in terms of discipling the people to be like Christ.

Edward Frank, Burt Avenue Wesleyan Church, Coshocton, Ohio
One thing I can say for sure is that your resources have extended my view of discipleship beyond the basic growth of a new believer.

Lisa Pair, Clearbranch United Methodist Church, Trussville, Alabama
Clearbranch completed its first year of Discipleship Core in a small group setting. We started out with 37 (in two groups) and ended with 22 (about 10-12 in each) which I thought was good. We have a few that desire to go forward into a second year and I am wanting to look over the D books to see about using them for year 2. The first year we completed Chrysalis, 21 Days, Knowing God’s Will, Practicing His Presence, Foundations along with part of the Disciple’s Journal. With year two, we plan to complete the Disciple’s Journal and move forward. We are making a video to show the church to see if we can get more participants interested. It is testimonies from the participants. Along with having a small group going forward into core 2, I plan to take 3 women from core 1 and move into a true core group of 4 of us. They are young married women (I am 50 and have been married 27 years). I am encouraging this first year’s group into moving forward to year 3 which is the core workbook. Thank you so much for your resources. Pray for Clearbranch.

Wes Harrison, Southern Pines, North Carolina
We are going to be using this material for training 60 pastors in the Mongolian countryside.

David Aingimea, Nauru
I am using your discipleship course in Nauru (smallest republic in the world with 14,000 population in the central pacific). We have 137 students.

Corey Happner, Lagrange Christian Fellowship, Lagrange, Indiana
I just got done praying for some direction for our church and God led me straight to the website. Me and my wife were moved to tears as we read everything on your website. Thank you so much.

Rita Sunega Madrazo, VOICE Dubai/Christian Education Minister Leader, Dubai, UAE
Thanks for your commitment also to help fellow workers in the LORD. We will keep you update of what the LORD is doing here in Dubai. How I wish you would see us and encourage our members to go on making disciples. May we request that you continue to lift us up in your prayers. This is my prayer request, “That every members of VOICE Dubai will catch our church vision of multiplication through discipleship thereby building up and active and productive generations that will bring the gospel of hope to the nations.

Garfield Josephs, Living Word Ministries, Brockton, Massachusetts
I have been praying for material that would fit the day and hour we are living in. As a Pastor working outside of ministry to meet my family obligations, and doing ministry full time it has been difficult to find the time to layout systematically the process for discipleship as you have done. I thank God for your ministry, for what you have done gave me the ability to implement discipleship on a consistent level. Thank you and may God richly bless you and family as your are obedient to Him.

Rev. Pangmashi Bernard, Harvesters Missionary Foundation, Bamenda, Cameroon
It is a wonderful thing to imagine that in a world of self interest, there can still be ministry like yours interested in the church of Jesus with free materials to help people meet up with their spiritual needs. Keep on! great is your reward.

Robert Schulze, Grace Community Church, Corsicana, Texas
I have had a mentor who I believe used your material before and it really gave us a great track to run on. The site is great and I think its amazing that y’all give this away free! Thank you so much!

Adonis M. Bomes, United Church Church of Christ in the Philippines, Pagadian City, Philippines
Thank you so much for these free resources. You’re truly a blessing to those who is desperate to grow spiritually but don’t know how and where to start.

Pastor Brian Ochsner, Sully Christian Reformed Church, Sully, Iowa
I received a copy of The Disciple’s Journal when I was 18 (now 31) and I have always appreciated the format and insights of this book. I am now a pastor in a medium sized rural church and want to engage our youth group with this same material. I love the material and now that I have found your website I hope, and trust I will, find many more resources to help my faith grow as well as the youth of my church. Blessings to you as you continue your ministry!!

Jeremy Dale, Bethel Baptist Church, Troy, Illinois
I absolutely love this ministry. Everytime I turn around I am finding another way to use the resources here.

Maribeth Shirley, East Salem Baptist/Morning Cup of Grace, Mt. Vernon, Illinois
I do a daily devotion program on a local radio station – Morning Cup of Grace. I have done the program for two years. I want to focus the remainder of my life and ministry on discipling. I know this is an ongoing process in myself and then extends to others. It is my hope to use the resources you offer along with others to encourage my listeners to adopt a ‘following Jesus/disciple lifestyle! I value your ministry and the work you are doing.

Robert Ramos, Life in Christ Fellowship, Everett, Washington
An excellent tool for small church like us with little or no extra funding. Totally grateful for the free resources – rest assured it will be put into good use to spread the Gospel and help build strong followers of Christ. God bless your ministry.

Benjamin Davis, First Baptist Church, New Hill, North Carolina
I believe that if I can get our leadership interested, your ministry offers a great resource to help us move from mundane deeds to divinely inspired disciples.

Natan Chitwood, Living Hope Community Church, Carmi, Illinois
We are a new church work, and I am so excited. I stumbled on this site looking for “The Disciple’s Journal – A One Year Guide For Believers – put out by Christ In You and Christian Outfitters. I received it 11 years ago at CIY summer conference as a youth minister, and now I am a pastor of a church, and I wanted to make it available to our people. I would have never expected to find it this way. We have a small budget, and this is so awesome to find it for free.

Joel David, Asian Christian Church, Edmonton, Canada
Thank you for making these resources available. I am looking forward to reviewing this and other resources I am requesting for use in our congregation for implementing a discipleship process. I am excited about the 3-strand design and its implication in our congregation.

Edwin Kamara, Divine Empowerment Ministries, Columbus, Ohio
This is an answered prayer, great website and great resources. Thank you for making it free. I am confident many lives will be changed by these resources. May the LORD continue to BLESS you as you remain a blessing to the Kingdom family.

Christie Favour, Livingspring Chapel International, Abuja, Nigeria
The ministry is a cutting edge ministry that God is using in this end time to fulfill His mandate.

Shelby Henry, Greater New Birth, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Your website, ministry, and resources are phenomenal. Please keep operating your reaching the masses. I will be referring your website to the ministers at my church.

Norm Walker, Northern Valley Evangelical Free Church, New Tripoli, Pennsylvania
I think it is EXCELLENT! I would love to make my own Ministry…Website…and Services & Resources…like yours…I want to call it “FEED MY SHEEP MINISTRIES” – Developing Devoted Disciples of Jesus Christ. Would you help me?

Bruce Tung, Seattle Chinese Alliance Church, Seattle, Washington
Having been introduced to the Navigators as a young believer during college, I value the importance of discipleship especially on the cell level. As an English instructor at a university in China, I’ve been in need of quality discipleship material for the campus ministry here. I was thrilled to come across your website and the amount of resources available on it.

Rev. Patrick Huck, Transformleaders, Euless, Texas
I was discipled through the Navigator ministry in Southern California and Christchurch New Zealand. I knew guys like Walt Hendrickson and others. Your website and resources are awesome and I am using them to consult with churches on how to make disciples in the church.

Beth Walther, Christ’s Chapel, Erianger, Kentucky
A friend showed me the Disciple’s Journey last night and I checked out this website today. the fact that you offer these things for free to further the Kingdom of God, really, really, makes me want to check it out.

Tammy Brumley, Church on the Rise, Olmsted, Ohio
I think that Jesus freely gave you have given. Thank you! It is challenging to find biblical discipleship curriculum today that is not full of fluff. Thank you so very much for your heart to reach the masses!

Evans Osedeme, The King’s Highway Makers Outreach, Warri, Nigeria
You are doing the Kingdom a great service, attending to the aspect of Christian ministry that most people are abandoning in our generation, unfortunately, it is the core of the great commission. I feel privileged getting to discover your resources.

Tom Peterson, Christ Centered Ministries, Puyallup, Washington
Love the fact that I can find resources for youth especially in the area of discipleship and teaching teens about the Christian life. I can download the lessons and hand them out to students without paying tons of money for books. A big plus for small ministries with tight budgets.

Evangelyne Alvarez, Church of God, Cebu, Philippines
First of all I want to thank your ministry for having these free resources to teach and edify the church. I have searched and downloaded free resources from other websites as well for our discipleship group, but your resources are more thorough and easy to learn steps as we go through it year after year. Surely these materials will truly equip our church in its discipleship program.

JC Christensen, Apple Creek, Ohio
Something I have been thinking about as we have been working our way through this curriculum is that it might fit well with a project I’ve wanted to do with a mill we’re planting in Kyrgyzstan. We run a fiber processing business as a mission here in the states that is used as a vehicle to create mission points in Central Asia.

Tilm Estus, Claud Independent Methodist Church, Eclectic, Alabama
These resources are absolutely invaluable to me as a pastor. They are thorough and powerful. A much needed tool to do what we are supposed to do: make disciples!

Caleb Radebe, Breakthrough Ministries, Leondale, South Africa
It is great, informative and highly resourceful especially for us disadvantaged Black communities in South Africa.

Victor Lim, Christ Wonderful Counselor Church, Philippines
We are considering translating the materials in Tagalog (The National Language in the Philippines) for our church use; since half the church do not speak English.

Carla Crowder, Calvary Church of God, Topeka, KS
I can hardly believe that your organization provides such valuable information for free. This is absolutely wonderful and I personally thank you for assisting our ministry in getting the Word out to our new and rededicated believers. God bless you for the work you’re doing.

Evelyn Ignacio, Love of Jesus International Ministry, Seoul, Korea
Thank you for reaching to others need not only your own because by sharing this website and all its resources you are helping countless churches all over the world.

Marilyn Lambert, Lynchburg, VA
Your FaceBook posts and material are so very good. It is deep and challenging but understandable enough so that I can understand, learn and lead my fellow students through the study. Thank you for supplying these resources.

Jose Pino, Heartbeat Ministries, Dumaguete City, Philippines
I’m an assistant pastor and a teacher in our church. We’ve been in the ministry for 7 wonderful and fruitful years by God’s grace. Ever since, I’m praying that I could make a teaching resources for the body of Christ, specifically for discipleship. Praise God I found your website, which offers free materials for this purpose, and which contain the very thing that the church needs.

Jessica Acker, Grace Pointe, Brownwood, TX
I am really amazed at the commitment and drive expressed in your ministry to mold disciples of Christ. I have yet to come across a discipleship ministry (outside of children’s ministry)that is committed to discipling the individual for the long term until yours.

Fredrick Neqo, FSM Christian Fellowship, Suva, Fiji Islands
Your resources really enables young Christian leaders like me to teach others about Christ Jesus. I’m so grateful for your commitment.

Rebecca Rutter, Dakota UMC, Dakota, IL
This is fabulous!! Thanks for the clarity, measurability, and encouragement for the discipleship process. My husband and I are going to be sent to start a church soon, and this is just what we’ve been looking for. Offering all of this for free is incredibly generous – thanks for using your gifts to build the Kingdom of God!

Kristen Keene, The Mom Coach, LLC, Brunswick, GA
These are wonderful resources to help grow and build the body of Christ. Thank you so very much! I work with women to teach them biblical principles along with life coaching tools to help them live in freedom through Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for sharing your resources!

Jennifer Moreno Petallo, Christ Wonderful Counselor Church, Bacoor, Philippines
Your ministry is a great help to all churches, like in our Church we need materials that we can use for our discipleship class, and the good thing about it, is that you share the discipleship books for free.

Cornelius Peethala, House Group, Middlesbrough, UK
It’s a blessing to people like us who have limited resources!

Mike Holm, Calvary Chapel, Tampa, Florida
Great stuff. We do and have been doing discipleship for years (though with larger groups of 8-15). We are developing something new through sub-dividing larger groups into smaller (core) groups of 3-4 based on what we’ve learned from your well communicated model.

Glenda Noordam, New Life Christian Centre, Victoria, Australia
I think the resources are wonderful. Can’t wait to start with our young people. I showed the site to our Senior minister, and he thinks it’s great.

Lisa Pair, Clearbranch UMC, Trussville, Alabama
I want to thank you for working with me as we begin this core at our church. I have started this as a group study (we have 36 participants) and we divide into men with men and women with women. It is great! We have great discussion and we are actually putting the 21 days of breakthrough to action. We each had to decide the old habit (sin) we wanted to get rid of and the new habit to replace, we have assigned accountability partners and over the next 21 days, we are praying the prayers and choosing to change, checking on each other and asking the hard questions. I am amazed to see the participants want to do this activity and not just read it. God is at work and I thank you for your gift of writing this material. Much needed for the church today to learn Biblical truth.

Goera M Sangma, Revival Harvest Center, Meghalaya, India
For many years, I have been looking for Solid and Spirit-Filled resources to build my church people. It’s not an easy to design the material. What you are doing is awesome and hugely contributing to build the body of Christ. Thank God for your ministry. May God richly bless your ministry.

Candace Blake, St. Christopher Episcopal Church, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I think that this is a great resource for Christians. I can’t wait to use the materials with my Sunday School class. Thank you. God Bless you and your ministry.

Rodgers Katizi, Pentecostal Assemblies Of God, Nairobi, Kenya
This is a God given ministry especially to us pastors who serve in small slum churches with no extra money to purchase a book. May God bless you for this.

Edgar Samper, Revival Temple Church, Waukegan, Illinois
I find the material on your web site to be doctrinally sound, theologically, rich, and biblically on target for today’s Christian. I have found an abundance of needed tools to mature my congregation as God has called me to do.

Linda Davison, First Faith Baptist Church, Chester, Pennsylvania
I think that you are a wonderful blessing to us who are in the faith and wishing to continue to learn more of God’s Word.

Garland Higgins, Bethel AME Church, Bloomfield, CT
This is an excellent website for learning as welling as a teaching tool for those who are in teaching ministry at their local churches. I am grateful for the opportunity to find free resources that I can duplicate. Thanks and God bless.

Stefeni Engebritson, The Master’s Touch, Oceanside, CA
I think this is marvelous. I have Bible Colleges and Churches in Africa and Pakistan. This method seems to be understandable and easy to use so I intend on putting it to good use as we go forward victoriously taking the world for Christ.

Sonja Frison, Mt. Zion Baptist Church/Prison Ministry, Greensboro, NC
Thank you so much for this information….it is a blessing to have someone who is so willing to offer as many do ministry work with the homeless and in prisoner and often run out of resources. May God bless you.

Dario M Mortola, Lighthouse Ministries, Philippines
In this day and age of “what’s in it for me”, it’s just stupendously wonderful – an apparent showcase of God’s love. God bless your ministry!

Vincent Okunlola, Assemblies of God, Nigeria
I think you are carrying on a vital ministry I can identify with 100%. Christendom is now distracted with so many “servings.” We need a voice like yours to call us back to the one thing that is needful, that no one can take away from us.

Rev. Joyce Irvin Harris, Historic Little Rock Baptist Church, Detroit, MI
Words cannot express how pleased I am with your materials. We just finished piloting “Foundations” to a small group. The reception was overwhelming. All felt the materials were well researched and user-friendly. Thank you for your ministry to the Body of Christ.

Rev. Andre Bayne, Faith Baptist Church, New York, NY
I have used the core in my Discipleship class and found it to be an excellent resource for training.

Chris Sloster, Revival Centre, Zimbabwe
Much appreciated, especially for us church planters that are faced with resources challenges, thank you very much.

Dee Tima-an, Mount Olives Church of God, Singapore
Your ministry is big help to our discipleship program in our church. You are sowing a lot for producing more disciples. May bless you more! Thank you.

Linda Regan, New Testament Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
I think the ministry tools, website and resources are a great asset and blessing to the body of Christ. Thank you for caring enough to share what God has so graciously given to you with the rest of us!

Pamela Davis, The Vine Christian Ministries, Seattle, Washington
When I came across this website, I thought it was too good to be true. I’ve always have been a firm believer that what God has instilled in us was meant to be shared. And when I see such high cost for great ideas of the doctrine, it saddens me to where I get somewhat irritated when searching for good materials. I’m so glad you give people a chance to view, download, donate and order. The best of all the choices. I truly look to give back because I know what you have here will help add to great leaders and teachers. This is a great help to me, as our church begins a program that people have to look forward to expanding in the Kingdom. Thank you so very much, I know the Lord will bless you, because you truly bless others in a very special way.

albert aquino, Christ the true foundation, Manila, Philippines
your ministry is do helpful to us here from the third world continue to serve God thank you and God bless

William Wayt, Wright Memorial UMC, Newark, Ohio
I am a pastor of two churches and have a 3rd congregation we minister to on Tuesday evenings. From what I’ve seen so far of your ministry, I am impressed that there are valuable resources available to ministries who may not have a budget to purchase expensive resources.

Dee Tima-an, Mount Olives church of God, Singapore
Your ministry is a great help for me in our church mentoring and discipleship. Thank you for a frees resource.

Clemens van der Walt, Reach Africa Ministries, Rustenburg, Zimbabwe
I love your site and the resources are phenomenal. We use this extensively in our discipleship training in Africa.

John P. Caanawan, Christian Mission for Christ, Bambang, Philippines
I believe in my heart that your website will help a lot of ministries like mine up. Most of our churches are in mountainous places where there are no roads to reach them, it’s only through hiking that we could be able to reach those places. However, the pastors of those churches are not so updated with their teachings. With this situation, since I am favored by God to pastor a church in a city, I have the burden to help them be updated with their knowledge for teaching. That’s the reason why I say that your website is so helpful..May the Lord Bless you more in your ministry…

Christopher Bodley, Living Water Community Church of Central Florida, Sanford, Florida
I just want to thank you for providing a spiritually powerful resource which will give new believers a rich spiritual formation for their walk with God. We are living in a time where spirituality trumps religious affiliation. People need transformation if they are to transform this world in which we live.

Cindy Marino, Christ UMC, Rockford, Illinois
The process is one I’ve been investigating (as one well-versed in Wesleyan theology). I’m impressed by how comprehensive and biblically based this is.

Kristina O’Toole, The Bridge, Connecticut
we love it, have used it and have recommended it to many of our pastor friends! We’re in the process of support raising and are planning to “deploy” to Ireland in the fall as Foursquare missionaries (to church plant/ raise up, train Irish pastors to plant Irish churches). We’ve recommended this discipleship material to many of our friends in ministry and we’re looking forward to using it in Ireland as well.

Dereje kassa, Guenet church, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
You are giving attention for discipleship ministry.I believe that we don’t have any other important goal than this. I really admire what you are doing.

Florence Newbill, Lakewood, Washington
This is one of the greatest sites I have came across which actually promote the true gospel and allow the visitor the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of Christ through your free resources.

Vallante Encarnado, Butuan City, Philippines
our denomination here in the Philippines is faced with confusion caused about by the diversities of the materials available either in bookstores or the internet. this will confirm my theory that discipleship is a process and one must need to go through it. that’s the only way he can in turn disciple others.

Mike Gintoli, Shepherds Ranch, Phoenix, Arizona
The free resources are a TREMENDOUS help, easy to comprehend and very useful in discipling. Thank you ALL for your generosity!!

Joyce Irvin Harris, Historic Little Rock Baptist Church, Detroit, Michigan
You are providing an invaluable cost-effective service to churches that seek spiritual maturity. Our Board of Christian Education is reviewing your material for use in a new discipleship ministry due to launch Fall 2010.

Alfred Fangang, Global Harvest Ministries, Gombe, Nigeria
This ministry will continue to prosper and fulfill God’s mandate for this generation as they supply materials for the spiritual nourishment of the church. This is a powerful web site changing lives.

Beth Fisher, Fisher’s Christian School, Edenton, North Carolina
I love your resources, we use them in our homeschool and in a discipleship class that I teach on Tuesday evenings!

Zaida Benavidez, Greenhills Christian Fellowship, Laguna, Philippines
Thank you for coming up with the Spiritual Life Journey Map Assessment Tool. Our church would benefit much from this.

Marceliano L. Mendez Jr., GoodNews of Christ Outreach Ministries, Antipolo City, Philippines
this ministry is a big help to us specially in our discipleship training. i have lack of materials for discipleship and this books that you are offering for free is a very big help to us. i pray that God will bless your ministry. thanks a lot.

Kent cox, Crossroads Church, Rowlett
You guys are doing a great service to the kingdom. Great resources for those of us on a shoestring. Thanks so much.

Jesse J. Kiwovele, Community Bible Center, Fort Worth
Thank you for these resources, they are helpful to Christian Educators and for discipleship in the church. Blessings!

Julie Lavigne, Midland, Michigan
I think it is great. I have been helping another woman lead other women in the Core Discipleship Study the past year and it has revealed and grown many of the women. I am hoping this new tool will help some of the women realize there is more to the Christian life.

George Pirwoth Atido, Bunia, Africa
We are getting tremendous blessings from your resources. The most important need for the church in Africa today is spiritual maturity as the world is expecting much from African Christianity in this century. Christians needs sound discipleship and the materials you are providing are adequate and relevant for the students we are training to impact our churches and our society.

Maureen Morgan, Mona Baptist Church, Kingston, Jamaica
I am thrilled to find that these resources are available free. I think they will be very useful for a discipleship training that I am expecting to start soon. I thank God for your ministry.

This is God giving ministry to this generation to every ministry who is ready to fulfill the mandate of the great commission.

I not only think that God had raised up your ministry ,website, and resources to bless the church of Christ but also believe that you are raised to nurture the body of Christ to be fully prepared for the coming of Christ our Lord

Gregory Jones, Bunkertown Church of the Brethren, McAlisterville, Pennsylvania
LOVED, absolutely loved the Disciples Journal. Bought a copy back in 97 and have gone through the program 3 times now. Always learning something new. Want to encourage our leadership with this program

Jon Parker, Seacoast Columbia, Columbia, South Carolina
Reviewed the Core Strategy booklet and loved it. I’m plannning on using this with teens. Excited about seeing Chrysalis.

Sonya Duncan, Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church, Columbia, Pennsylvania
Thank GOD I was led to google “discipleship training”. COREdiscipleship.com wasn’t just a search result; it is answer to prayer beseeching Sovreign GOD to direct us to effective, affordable resources “for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12)”

Ferdinand G. Ibay, Jesus Christ Foundation World Evangelism, Laguna, Philippines
your ministry is so important for us because in this third world country we are not capable to buy such expensive books. thank God for your helping ministry with kinds of free books. may the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless your ministry.

Howard McCray, River City Recovery Ministries, Cambridge, Minnesota
You have an awesome ministry and the material is so very helpful. Thank you for your obedience to God!!!!

Mike Bullard, Calvary Baptist Church, Albany, Oregon
I have found your discipleship tools to be a real blessing. Something that many churches truly need to focus their attention on. I wish I could give you something now because I really believe in the work.

Norman Rose, Raleigh First Assembly, Raleigh, North Carolina
I just received the first 3 downloads. These are amazing. I have been to many churches which do not teach even this foundational material. Even skimming through all three this morning, I see the depth to the material, and how shallow my own depth is. I will continue to download the materials, so I can share them with others. Thank you for all you do to help people like me.

Sandy Mitchell, Church of the Harvest International, Hampton, Georgia
I have been blessed by your ministry for several years (approx 4 yrs) and I thank God for the Vision He has given Bro Doug Morrell and his ministry. I to have a passion and a call for Discipleship but have not found many Christians (laypersons or leaders) with the same passion. I have come to the conclusion that Discipleship is too hard for most Christians, it requires WORK and that is a ‘bad’ word in Christian circles. I commend you Bro Morrell, keep up the kingdom work God has called you to, it is truly equipping the saints for the WORK of the Ministry!

Doctor Sakala, Assemblies of God in Zambia, Chipata, Zimbabwe
Your ministry is a great blessing to the nations.

Marilynn Williams, First Calvary Baptist, Winston Salem, North Carolina
From what I have seen, the knowledge you have listed here is priceless. So many times I have come across sites that offer material for sale and it not be nearly as good as these items here. Thank you again.

Robert Adams, All The Kings Men Group, Warren, Michigan
You folks have the best reading books and guides we have ever seen and we pass them along to all that need them.. you are simply the best and we Praise the Lord for your service.

Lisa Marshall, Following Footsteps Ministries, Burdine, Kentucky
Thank you for this resource. My husband and I fund our family and our ministry all on one pay check, so this site is a tremendous blessing. It is our sincere prayer that God will bless all your efforts for His kingdom. Thank you!

Scott Sparks, Encompass The Globe International Ministries, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
I think what you are doing with your website and resources is awesome. Many people do not go and make disciples because they do not know how. And, from what I understand of the CORE process, this is terrific.

James Tamang, Nepal
Thank you so much once again for all these materials. We have been using your valuable materials in our bible school and outside church seminars also. We are very much benefited by your materials. I pray that if God willing please do visit our country bible school, church and take few days seminars on ‘discipleship’ for God’s glory. Thank you so much.

Osabuohien Godwin Jubilee Christian Ministries International, Udine, Italy
Thank you your ministry is not just resources but a blessing to the world and I am blessed to be part of this great ministry. i also want to let you know that I am the pastor and founder of jubilee christian ministries and we want you to make our ministry your center here in Italy thank you

Justin Ahlgrim, First Presbyterian Church, Rochelle, Illinois
I think its very cool you’re offering these discipleship sources free of cost. I’m looking for a biblical-based tool to implement in a youth ministry mentoring program, where an adult will walk alongside a student, once a week, every week, for a year, going through some kind of discipleship curriculum resource. this seems right up that alley.

Michelle Guy, Kingdom Builders Ministry, Spring, Texas
Your website is great and such a huge blessing – we operate a homeless ministry and we minister to a lot of people on the street to lead them to Christ and train them. We use your materials a lot.

Ariyo Aboyade, Immanuel Baptist Church, Lagos
One of God’s wonderful gifts to our generation…May God bless you and enlarge your coast further.

Cheng Ricky, Kairos International Fellowship, Singapore
I am blessed by the CORE Discipleship Ministry and am very delighted to use your materials to teach and equip our people as I just started our church from the scratch, hence I we need good biblical based material to teach our congregation of about 40 new believers. We are using CORE Discipleship materials for our Home Meeting which will see us through the 52 weeks and we will also train leaders to multiply themselves to meet the needs and challenges in the Great Commission. God bless.

Raymond Garcia, Bethany Christian Church, Svay Rieng Province, Cambodia
I’d like to inform you also that I shared your previous ebooks to my co-missionary near the border of Cambodia and Vietnam and he was so glad to use your materials in making disciples for Jesus Christ among the communities of Filipinos, Cambodians and Vietnamese.

Victor Pena, Destiny City Fellowship, Richmond, Virginia
It is a great resource site. As I was looking for one and asking the Lord to lead me and guide to one of this site, and I found your site. PTL!

Sean Mullens, River of Life, Harare, Zimbabwe
Really love the resources you guys offer, what a great way to advance God’s Kingdom by resourcing folks. We are very grateful to receive such valuable resources free in Zimbabwe where resources are in limited supply and the ones that are available are too expensive for most.

Greg Lauer, Woodmen Valley Chapel, Colorado Springs, Colorado
So far, I’ve been using the Chrysalis book and I am absolutely THRILLED with the growth I’ve experienced. I cannot thank you enough.

Julie Reeves, Victorious Life Christian Center International, Harbor City, California
This is an awesome ministry. The materials you provide are invaluable for teaching and growing new believers.

Clemens van der Walt, Reach Africa Ministries, Rustenburg, Zimbabwe
I extensively use your materials on my mission tours into Africa and it is easy and simple to understand. I thank you and God for your willingness to share your anointing with us.

Zaida Benavidez, Greenhills Christian Fellowship, Calamba City, Philippines
Your ministry is a blessing to our young church. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your wonderful discipleship materials. May God expand your territory and reward you as only He can!

Michael Olivier, Maranatha Community Church, Kempton Park, Zimbabwe
Very resourceful and practical. Helps you to get past the preconceived ideas of discipleship and past the padding and down to the nuts and bolts

Lily Fe Julian, Jesus Is Lord Church, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Your ministry has been a blessing since I came across it a few years ago. I am now leading a bible study group and your resources are a great help for me. thank you and more blessings to you and your ministry.

Diane Renzi, Hudson Community Chapel, Twinsburg, Ohio
Excellent! I am using bits and pieces as an overview of discipleship to train leaders. As they begin discipling, I will direct them to this material as it is perfect for different levels of maturity to meet the needs of where the woman is in her walk.

Godfrey Longakit, Lutheran church in the Philippines, Iligan city
Just fantastic! especially when you desire so much a curriculum for discipleship that reinforces every stage of the Christian life from spiritual childhood to adulthood. God bless your ministry!

Joane Wrenn, Living Waters World Outreach, Fernandina Beach, Florida
I am very appreciative of the articles and study material you provide. It has been a wonderful resource. Thank you

Thembani Mashinini, Assemblies of God, Odendaalsrus, Zimbabwe
Since I received the first 3 books, I’ve been inspired and encouraged to make disciples like never before. honestly speaking I have always had this burning desire to make disciples but i could not because i was clueless how to go about it.

Joseph Riccioli, New Life Ministries, Clifton, New Jersey
Great site. Thank you for creating it and making available various resources to equip Christians. It’s a shame many just read the words in read in our Bibles, but don’t obey them. Anyway, I pray the Lord richly bless you and your ministry.

Jon Langa, Door of Faith Church, Quezon City, Philippines
Your ministry has helped me in my teaching ministry. Most of what I teach I derive from your teaching materials.

Julie Reeves, Victorious Life Christian Center International, Harbor City, California
These resources are excellent. I believe discipleship is extremely important to take a new believer into a solid faith in God. With discipleship, people aren’t falling back into the world.

Philip Sawyer, Arts Bridge International, Providence, Rhode Island
This is a tremendous service you are providing, and you have already helped one friend of ours in a difficult country to begin to develop a long-term discipleship program for young people. God bless you.

Robert C Parady, Bethlehem Ministries, South Hamilton, Massachusetts
I believe discipleship has been lost by much of the American Church. I am very thankful for this site with the resources being made available. God bless you and your ministry.

Shirley Grace Dicman, Christian Disciples Missionary Church, Las Pinas City, Philippines
Excellent ministry in helping Christians grow in their faith and love for Christ our Savior and Lord!

Mike Hendley, Oakdale, California
I thank God for your ministry. I plan on using these resources in my men’s fellowship group.

Raymond Garcia, Bethany Christian Church, Svay Rieng, Cambodia
Thank you very much for the CORE Discipleship eBooks you’ve sent me. My wife and I are currently using those materials among government officials, teachers, youths and few children in evangelism. We have been so blessed to find your website and for your willingness to share all of your materials to all people doing the Great Commission.

Donnie Tyson, Cypress Creek Church, Wimberley, Texas
I used the 21 Days to Breakthrough to help teach the men in a church we planted in Korea. We are back in the states now and I am going to use the CORE material with some men in my cell group.

Adekunle Adeyemi, New Life, Ibadan, Nigeria
Your materials have been a great help in raising new believers who have genuine heart for God and His work.

Jason K. Wood, M.A.D.E Men, Birmingham, Alabama
Awesome ministry, and great resources. This is just the thing our new ministry has been looking for to bring some structure to our organization. God Bless!

Carl Cortez, Neos Zoe Christian Center, Pagsanjan, Philippines
Your ministry is such a great help and a blessing. Continue to be used by the Almighty God and He’ll use and bless you more, my prayer… Thanks a lot for your ministry.

Timothy Gidman, The Olde Bethel House, Indianapolis, Indiana
You provide wonderful tools to sow into the lives of Christians needing direction, Blessings will flow by your efforts.

Bruce Friesen, Lion of Judah Ministries, Victoria British Columbia, Canada
I am encouraged by the quality of the resources and that you have made the sacrificial investment in producing and making it available for the body of Christ. Also it is very user friendly.

Greg Rublee, Hope Ministries, Auckland, New Zealand
Your materials look like just what we need for a new emerging crusade ministry here in New Zealand. God is changing lives, but we need to disciple as we go.

Charlie Barnes, Life Change Church, Muskegon, Michigan
Suzie, I just got off the phone with Doug and continue to not only be encouraged with the materials I have been reviewing, but also the Spirit behind the individuals (Doug with your support) of those who put it together. After about an hour of talking, Doug gave me lots to think and pray about as we look as implementing a discipleship ministry that will have lasting benefits for His Kingdom. Thank you for your support and outreach to so many of us!!! May God continue to bless you richly as you serve Him!!!

Stan Sullinger, CrossRoads Baptist Church, The Woodlands, Texas
I am getting excited about the content i am seeing and think I will launch my first group of four men this spring using some of this.

Patrick Sebalatlheng, Apostolic Faith Mission, Gaborone Botswana
This website hold all the key information that will be helpful to me as am planning on starting a discipleship classes that will equip other saints from being just converts but true disciples. I found that your resources are based truly on the word of GOD and thus will be very important in ensuring that am well equipped. I will use your resources for this mission that Jesus has commissioned us to do.

JD Beam, Regeneration Church, Fayetteville, Arkansas
I can’t begin to tell you of the joy and hope that this ministry gives me. It is 3.24am and I have just completed lesson two. I am doing the study alone in order to establish Core groups in our church. I am tearfully burdened for these principles to be applied for the glory of our sweet Jesus. If there are any local Core groups; I would like to go through one, to be taught firsthand. I am willing to do whatever is necessary to learn to disciple others. I will go anywhere and do anything to accomplish the fulfillment of the great commission, and the great commandment is why. I love Jesus and I love the body of Christ! Seeing a lost soul born again and training them, “until Christ be formed in them” is by far the greatest privilege that any one can be a part of! Any advise or recommendations you can give me to help me in this goal would mean a great deal to me.

Heather Blythe, Messiah’s House, Amarillo, Texas
Love your website, ministry and can’t wait to start reading the ebooks. Called to be missionaries in China and look forward to adding this into our vision, church planting!

Geoffrey France, Changed Life Baptist Church, Accra, Ghana
Your ministry is helpful for young christians who want to know more about our Cherished Belief in Christ.

Miklaus Sebastian, Christian Fellowship Center, Surigao City, Philippines
Your ministry is a blessing and an answered prayer. My ministry is a house church of 20 plus members. Last saturday i started a youth discipleship. they are 5 youths and God willing they will grow spiritually and increase also the membership. your resources will be of great help. praise the good Lord for your ministry.

Ademola Adedipe, Ph.D , Christian Missions International, Lagos, Nigeria
This site is a great blessing. I’m an Assistant Professor in the Bible College and so passionate about Discipleship. I have been teaching this as one of my subjects for over ten years. The resources are quite enlightening. Thanks and God bless you indeed.

Michael Hearne, Westlink Christian, Wichita, Kansas
My men’s small group is using the Core Manual for its study and it has been well received. It has given a foundation for growing together in the Lord. Even when I talked about moving to something else, they did not want to. Praise the Lord.

Sagar Narjinary, Little Flock Fellowship, West Bengal, India
We are about to start Discipleship training School for which we think your valuable books will be helpful for us to teach. thanks you for making it available to us.

Shiraz Rambharose, Repairing The Breach Ministries International, Princes Town, Trinidad
Your ministry is great!! More people should know about your ministry and the help it gives others.

Gene Groover, Verdigris, Oklahoma
Thank you for your desire to fulfill the great commission in Matthew 28. I have been convicted very recently that we as a church (local church) are not meeting the basic requirements of the great commission. We are failing miserably. I pray that your materials will better equip me through the power of the Holy Spirit to lead those around me to Christ and to disciple them. May God bless your ministry as you glorify Him in all that you do. I pray that God will mold me into the perfect instrument of His grace so that I may be used by Him to His glory. I love you Lord Jesus. Work in me and through me to Your glory. I look forward to receiving your ebooks and being able to use them very soon. I have someone I’m meeting with this afternoon.

Ramon Lim, Tondo Baptist Church, Manila, Philippines
your ministry is what every church needs. I can’t wait to introduce it to our church.

Johhny McDonald, Crosspoint Church, Boerne, Texas
For the last week I have been exploring your website and all the resources you offer to believers and churches. With God’s help I am going to use all of your materials to make disciples.

Ricky Andajao, Zamboanga City, Philippines
A very great help for us who have no enough financial resources to buy good spiritual books who have the heart of expanding God’s kingdom through discipleship. Keep on keeping on. God will reward you with His richness and glory.

Dr. Sakala, Assemblies of God, Chipata, Zimbabwe
Your ministry is one of a kind seen in my life. I promise to use your materials widely, seriously and faithfully for expansion of God’s kingdom.

Greg Zellers, Real Life Community Church, Lead, South Dakota
I think that enabling the Body of Christ to have “free” resources to fulfill the Great Commandment and Great Commission is awesome and wished that more ministries would have this same mindset. Thank you so much for your ministry.

Jon Bjork, Redding California
SO GOOD! your materials have influencing my youth ministry in a huge way and have given me incredible tools to lay a foundation for all the new believers that are pouring into my ministry. Your online discipleship ministry has been life-changing. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Jerry Pecsoy, Baguio Mission Church, Baguio City, Philippines
Your website offers free resources for churches and ministries that meet the needs of churches, especially in the developing countries. I sense that you are playing a very vital role in the making of disciples intentionally, systematically and effectively.

Simon So, Toronto Chinese Baptist Church, Toronto, Ontario
Discipleship training is of upmost importance in today’s church. Your systemic teaching materials provide meaningful, biblical resources to churches and individuals.

Colins Onojeta, Foursequare Gospel Church, Lagos, Nigeria
A friend of mine in Nairobi Kenya sent to me your website and encouraged me write to you. I have gone through your web pages and have found your discipleship and have found them spiritually enriching.

Lorna Torres, Fairview Christian Fellowship, Quezon City, Philippines
Very helpful and thank you for your generosity in sharing your great materials for free especially to us 3rd world country. God bless you and make you more successful and prosperous.

Alfonsi Katabazi, Goodshepherd Ministry, Newcastle, UK
Your ministry is God given because I have just started this ministry and I was struggling with what to do next but now I have it, so God bless you and I will keep you informed what God is doing here in Newcastle.

Jimmy Maban, Word For The World Christian Fellowship, Ansan City, Republic of South Korea
Your ministry has the heart of discipleship! Making disciples is one of the most neglected ministry in the church today. Every believer must be revolutionized. The church should go back to the great commission! May God bless you and your ministry!

Your example of “follow me” in your selfless extension of HIS and your heart in offering your small group and discipleship books for free has deeply touched my heart. I’ve wondered so many times why I charge for presentations for the 3rd Airborne Division. I will not wonder or charge anything anymore. It’s HIS message HE wants out so all may know HIM. It’s HIS promises everyone needs to know. It’s HIS money to provide as HE wills and it’s HIS power He’s sent so I might be of service for HIM. I trust in HIS provision in it all. HE freely provides for us in all things. Thanks for nudging me to this position with your example, Doug. -Jack Lambert

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